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Dr. Kristin Marvin
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

About Dr. Marvin

Kristin Marvin, Psy.D. is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist PSY#23836. She currently practices in both the Central Valley and Central Coast in California, and earned her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology in Fresno, California. In addition to having a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, she also is a Substance Abuse Professional and holds a certification in Holistic Nutritional Consulting.

Dr. Marvin has worked in a variety of clinical settings including both inpatient and outpatient mental health, pain management programs, grade schools, large Fortune 500 companies as an Employee Assistance Program Counselor , community colleges and graduate programs, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, State Developmental Hospitals, immersion programs and county-funded agencies. Her clients have ranged from small children to older adults, low to high socio-economic status, middle school to graduate school, and from college students to inmates and individuals from many cultural, ethnic, sexual preference, religious and financial backgrounds.  She has been an instructor, therapist, outreach provider, consultant, assessor and supervisor within these agencies. 

Connecting the patient's mind-body symptoms, thus reducing physical and mental pain and discomfort has always been Dr. Marvin's goal when working with her clients. Each symptom expressed has a meaning behind it, which Dr. Marvin is passionate about understanding in order to help you move through the healing process. Some specialty areas include working with adults experiencing caregiver burnout, post partum depression, anxiety and/or anxiety/panic attacks, depression or other mood changes, eating disorders, health or medical issues including chronic pain, obesity, and relationship difficulties. She is very motivated to help you (re) discover your confidence, find content and practice feeling peace in your life. 

Currently, she provides individual and couples therapy in her private practices in both Monterey, CA and Fresno, CA and works as an Onsite- EAP and Substance Abuse Professional for a large organization. 
In addition to these roles, she also provides lectures, presentation and workshops on topics such as stress management, reducing our addiction to social media, conflict resolution, relaxation, mind body connection, and nutrition and healthy lifestyles. 

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