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Dr. Kristin Marvin
Licensed Clinical Psychologist


From time to time we need a little more support than our support circle can offer us.  Maybe you have recently been through a breakup, recently moved to a new area, experienced an injury or terminal illness, career change, lost a family member, friend or pet,  had a change in your role by being a caregiver to someone, or having a new child and feeling overwhelmed and experiencing new emotions (good or bad), or trying to cope with a relationship, at your "wits end" with your partner and want to work on your relationship, feel anxious or sad for no reason, or have career or some other life stressor. Perhaps you have decent coping skills and a good supportive circle, but would like to have a professional to help you work out some of your life's kinks.

You may have started to have some feelings or experiences that have become overwhelming. You may be feeling anxious/nervous, depressed/sad, confused, feel unexplained pain or increased pain, or that you are not doing as well as you are accustomed to feeling. You may have tried some prescription medications, spoken with friends or family, attempted to distract yourself, or even used unhealthy coping mechanisms such as isolating yourself from the world, unhealthy distractions, or substance use/abuse. Some of these attempts to feel better can be helpful from time to time, but usually they only offer limited support and, in some cases, they are ineffective and only worsen the situation.

If you are thinking of seeing a Psychologist, you are not "crazy", going to lay on a couch and be analyzed, nor will you be in therapy for the next 25 years of your life.  In fact, people who chose to speak to a professional therapist are usually self-aware, have some effective coping skills, and sessions can range from just a few months or more, depending on a variety of your factors.  A vast majority of the clients I see in my individual practice either work, go to school or have hobbies, have families, children and friends, and are able to function quite well in the community.  There has been a symptom or two, a set back, or major life role that has caused them to not feel well.  Sometimes clients have not felt well for a long time and have gone to different therapists, doctors or healers and have not yet found the right treatment. 

As a psychologist, I provide therapy in a confidential and comfortable setting where both you (and your partner if you choose to come as a couple) and I create a connection and establish a collaborative relationship. I use a direct, yet empathetic and respectful approach to the psychotherapy experience. I provide therapy from a holistic perspective, meaning I help with coping skills of the immediate and presenting symptoms, but I am more invested in helping you understand where the symptoms come from to prevent them from being present or so strong in the future.  This process is whole body, holistic treatment and is based upon scientific outcome research and can be an experience of self-discovery and internal growth. Instead of covering up the symptoms you are expressing either mentally of physically, holistic-minded professionals go back and figure out where it all started from.   I offer both individual and couples therapy, consultations in the work place, and presentations to workplaces, schools and other organizations, and do not prescribe medications.  Please see the "services" tab for more information.

Happy mental health and clarity to you, and congratulations on your first step of feeling, thinking and doing better!

Dr. Marvin


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Dr. Kristin Marvin Therapist Fresno Therapist

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