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When you've finally decided to get a little help from another source, it can be overwhelming to find the right therapist.  Here's a list of things to think about while you're searching:

  • What does "therapist" "psychotherapist" "counselor" "psychiatrist" etc mean?? Typically you will look for terms such as therapist, psychotherapist, psychologist.  Those all mean just about the same thing to most people, however, the term "psychologist" is only used when a doctoral level therapist is licensed.  You can not call yourself a psychologist without being licensed and regulated by a board.  Psychotherapist and therapist could be used for a doctoral level therapist that isn't yet licensed, or it could be a masters level worker, or bachelors level therapist, too.  You will have to inquire if those things matter to you.  A psychiatrist prescribes medication and occasionally does therapy with their clients, whereas psychologists/therapists do not prescribe and meet with their clients between 45-60 minutes each visit. 
  • Is the therapist licensed? That is very important to know.  This means they are regulated under a board of some sort and have ethics and legal requirements they must uphold.  If they are an intern or under someone elses license, that is acceptable, also.
  • Verify with the Board of Psychology (if you're looking for a psychologist), that they do still have their license and that it's not been revoked/surrendered.
  • Find out what you are looking for in a therapist by considering what they specialize in.  You can do this by seeing their web pages, calling them, or having a consult with them if they provide consults.
  • Know what your insurance's role will be in this process.  Some therapists don't take insurance but can give you a list of times/days periodically that you send to your insurance company for an out of network reimbursement.  
  • If you meet with your therapist during the first session or so and don't like the way they do therapy or its not a good fit for you, think about why you dont like it and if it's going to be problematic for your healing process, you are able to find another one.  Not all therapists are good fits for their clients.  Much like any other profession. 
  • If your therapist talks more than you do during session, about themselves, its time to find another therapist.
  • And, as always, and SADLY, it is NEVER EVER acceptable for your therapist to make sexual comments TOWARDS you, or initiate sexual contact with you at all.  You should report them immediately.

Professional Psychological Organizations

American Psychological Association-- National
Monterey Bay Area Psychological Association-- Regional (Central Coast)
San Joaquin Valley Psychological Association -- Regional (Central Valley)
California Psychological Association -- Statewide

News, Articles and Information

Choosing a therapist
Improving your mood with supplements, vitamins and herbs

Related Suggested Books
Explain Pain  A comprehensive and VERY easy and informative guide to understanding pain and how to help it. 
When The Body Says No  A book about the stress-disease connection. Learn how to undo your stress to reduce your chances of getting sick.
Things I wished I'd Know; A guide for caregivers of cancer patients
Being Mortal: A book on accepting death

Links to Resources in California
Alcoholics Anonymous
Non-faith based alcohol treatment in patient programs
Non-faith based alcohol treatment- SMART
Narcotics Anonymous
Sexaholics Anonymous
Rape Counseling: Fresno
Domestic Violence Services- Adults and Families Marjoree Mason: Fresno
Domestic Violence Services- Monterey
Emergency Housing Listings for Men, Women, Families and Children: Fresno
Fresno Family Court Services

Emergency Services
Adult Protective Services (APS) Fresno
Adult Protective Services (APS) Monterey
Child Protective Services (CPS)   (559) 255-8320  (Fresno)
Child Protective Services (CPS) Monterey- 831-755-4661
24-hour domestic violence help  (559) 233-HELP (4357)
Suicide Hotline 24/7  (Monterey and Fresno)

National Hotlines/Websites
National Institutes of Mental Health (800) 421-4211,
Anxiety Disorders Association of America (310) 231-9350,
National OCD Foundation (203) 878-5669,
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) (800) 950-NAMI
The Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance:

Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) treat the body from the inside-out, without harsh prescription medications:
Central California Coast Monterey: Dr. Monica Montoya
Central Valley Fresno:  Dr. Setareh Tais Fresno Holistic Medicine

Sliding Scale Psychotherapy Services in the Central Valley

W. Gary Cannon Psychological Services Fresno, CA
Fresno City College  Fresno and Reedley, CA (must be a current student- services are free)

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