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Kristin Marvin, Psy.D. is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist PSY#23836. She currently practices therapy and is a public speaker in California, and also provides online video counseling to California residents. 

She earned her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology in California in 2009.  In addition to having a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology she also holds a certification in Holistic Nutritional Consulting. 

Dr. Marvin has worked in a variety of clinical settings including both inpatient and outpatient mental health, pain management programs,  Fortune 500 companies as an Employee Assistance Program Counselor,  colleges psychological services centers, graduate programs, prisons, State Developmental Hospitals, immersion programs and county-funded agencies. Her clients have ranged from low to high socio-economic status, from college students to inmates and individuals from many cultural, ethnic, sexual preference, religious and financial backgrounds.  

She has been an instructor, presenter, therapist, outreach provider, consultant, assessor and supervisor within these agencies

Dr. Marvin's Treatment Interests

Connecting the person's mind-body symptoms, thus reducing physical and mental pain and discomfort has always been Dr. Marvin's goal when working with her clients. Our bodies produce physical and psychological symptoms to let us know something is needing changes. Using a holistic approach, Dr. Marvin can help you move through the healing process, without the use of medications, by uncovering why the symptoms are there and what you can do to feel whole and healthy again.  

Some specialty areas include anxiety and/or anxiety/panic attacks, depression or other mood changes, caregiver burnout, post partum depression, eating disorders, health or medical issues including chronic pain, obesity, sexual/intimacy issues, and relationship difficulties. 

Dr. Marvin is very motivated to help you (re) discover your confidence, find joy and practice feeling peace in your life  using these holistic, evidence-based treatment approaches, either in person or through video.

Healing Services Offered

Currently, Dr. Marvin provides individual and couples therapy in her two private practices and also provides online video counseling to California residents. 

In addition to these roles, she also provides lectures, presentations and workshops on topics such as stress management, reducing our addiction to social media, conflict resolution, relaxation, mind body connection, and nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

Whole Body Treatment ExperiencEs


In-Person and Online Psychotherapy

Dr. Marvin offers individually tailored holistic treatment to her clients both in person and online.  She specializes in treatment for anxiety, depression, chronic pain, caregiver burnout, oncology patients and sexual intimacy concerns. 

She provides a specialized, individually tailored treatment plan to her clients using various styles such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness, Psychodynamic, Existential therapy, and Positive Psychology. 

Online video counseling has become very popular due to busy lifestyles, commute challenges, child care issues, and access issues due to mental or medical difficulties.  Dr. Marvin provides confidential  online counseling to California residents from the comforts of their own space. 

Therapy rate is $150/50min appointment; $300/100min 


Online Video Coaching Service Packages

Dr. Marvin offers coaching package options for people who have specific, treatment focused goals. Some alterations can be made, and other packages can be created. 

  • All appointments are 60 minutes long except the initial appointment which is 90 minutes. 
  • All packages include one 30-minute follow up appointment 3-4 weeks after packages ends. 
  • Continued follow-up treatment is available at additional pricing. 

* The Whole Body Wellness Treatment*

Five appointments covering sleep, digital media impact, nutrition, exercise, finding your "tribe", and stress management.  Each appointment will be tailored to you and that topic and how it relates or is affecting your overall well being. 

Package cost: $825 USD

*Obesity and Mental Health Package*

Three appointments focused on your weight loss goals and how mental health affects your outcome.  Concepts such as stress and cortisol, exercise, and thought processes affecting weight loss will be covered.  

Package cost: $500 USD

*Sleep, Mood and Motivation Wellness*

Four appointments covering how our sleep and mood factors into our overall motivation and wellness and vice versa.  Techniques, tools, and cognitive challenges will be address

Package cost:  $650

*Grief, Loss and the New Normal*

Four appointments covering grief and loss.  Individuals seeking this package have generally recently lost a loved one or pet (or about to), or are going through changes in their body due to chronic illness, loss of a limb, or limited mobility and functioning. 

Package cost: $650 USD

*Anxiety, Panic Attacks and General Worry Relief*

This four appointment package is the most popular because of the busy, "one up" stressful lifestyle most of us are faced with. Techniques to stop panic by understanding why we have it, and how to turn down the dial when we don't need it, along with changing why the worry and generalized anxiety are present, will be addressed.  

Package cost: $650 USD


Presentations and Workshops

Dr. Marvin has been providing workshops and presentations on a variety of topics since 2006.  She has presented to small work groups to over 200 people in a variety of settings. Topic generally include stress management, chronic pain healing, the age of distraction, nutrition and mental health, effective communication in the workplace, changes in the workplace, and many more. 

Presentation and workshop rate is $350/hr. 

Starting your journey


In Person Therapy, Online Therapy and Coaching Packages Information

Dr. Marvin does not accept insurance for any services. 

Please email to inquire about these services and either in person or video therapy appointments will be scheduled. 

Forms will be emailed before appointment begins; please scan back before first appointment.

Payment for services are due at the time of service via check, credit card or cash. 

Payments for Coaching Packages must be paid upfront at the end of the first appointment. 

Presentation and Workshop Information

Please allow Dr. Marvin at least a 3 week notice for your event.

Please email her with the following information:

  • date in mind
  • topic in mind
  • location in mind
  • how many people, approximately (+/- 7-10 people ok)
  • length desired

5-200 people with a minimum of one hour; maximum 2-day workshop (6 hours each)

She currently does not have a projector, so you must supply that along with the venue.

All payments must be arranged prior to the day of the presentation.

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